PLEASANTON, Kan. — A startling manhunt through the small Kansas town of Pleasanton yielded a suspect already accused in a larger web of crime.

The suspect, 19-year-old Thomas Weyer, is also charged in a hit-and-run death near Arrowhead Stadium. He’s now accused of firing multiple times at a vehicle on a Linn County highway.

Local authorities are now saying the targeted vehicle was full of Weyer’s friends, but officials have not elaborated on the situation further.

Weyer is strictly prohibited from possessing and using weapons as a part of his terms of release as he awaits trial for the hit-and-run death of 66-year-old Steven Hickle — a death that happened a little over a year ago.

This most recent incident started just before midnight on Nov. 1, according to a news release from the Linn County Sheriff’s Department.

A 911 call came from a car headed South on U.S. 69 Highway. The car had several people inside who were younger than 18.

A subject in a vehicle near them began shooting at their vehicle. The shots fired struck the vehicle the caller was in, disabling the vehicle which was occupied by several persons,” according to the release.

Running from the vehicle he was in, authorities said Weyer headed toward Pleasanton and was discovered hours later at a Dollar General, still armed.

“I had been here earlier that night when the dollar store — like 15 minutes before the dollar store closed to pick up milk,” said Jeff Mastin, who lives nearby.

“And when I heard what time they picked him up, I was like holy cow. Holy cow. If that would have happened a little bit earlier, what might have happened? You know?”

Authorities arrested Weyer as well as a woman who was in his same vehicle.

Before the Pleasanton arrest, Weyer was out on bond from Jackson County, paying $500 to get out of jail for charges related to the deadly hit-and-run on Blue Ridge Cut-Off following the 2021 Chiefs-Bills game.

That bond has since been revoked. In Linn County, he also faces a new $250,000 bond.

The connection is stunning to some people living in Pleasanton who say these things just don’t happen in the area.

“It’s calm. It’s quiet, and people here would give you the shirt off your back,” Mastin said.

“I was asleep. Yeah, I mean, I was glad I had my doors locked though,” he added.

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