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KANSAS CITY, Kan. — The family of a Kansas City, Kansas, teen shot and seriously injured needs help.

Eighteen-year-old N’Deia Porter was shot more than seven times at the end of September. She survived, but her life will never be the same.

Smart, sassy, and hardworking. That’s what Porter’s family says defines her personality. They said Porter is a go-getter, but now she’s in a hospital bed trying to understand where her life will go from here.

“I’m really, really proud of her … She doesn’t sit and wait to get things done,” Porter’s grandmother Carol Washington said.

Porter’s mother, Brandi Casey, said her daughter graduated high school a semester early and with honors. She immediately got a full-time job at a local manufacturing company.

“She did it. She made it happen,” Casey said.

“To do the extra work and get it in there in time, I was amazed. I was happy,” Washington said.

But on Sept. 29, her mom said she got a call at midnight that changed everything.

“It was just like, ‘Get here. Your daughter’s car has been shot up.’ I rushed there, and they wouldn’t let me over on the scene or anything,” Casey said.

KKC police said Porter was a victim in a double shooting near the 72 Apartments, not far from State and College avenues. She was randomly shot more than seven times and left for dead. Her mom said she was shot in her neck, injuring her spine, legs, liver and stomach.

“She’ll never walk again, or she won’t be able to move her arms or limbs. She won’t be able to work — the thing she loved doing. She’ll be confined to a wheelchair or a bed,” Casey said.

KCK police said the person who shot her hasn’t been arrested, and they are still actively investigating.

“Who wakes up and says I’m going to go shoot some little girl over eight times or nine times. I don’t understand it,” Washington said.

Porter’s family said they’re doing everything they can to help her.

Casey said she quit her job as an administrative assistant to take care of her daughter full time because Porter will need round-the-clock care. They’ll need to move to a different home to accommodate her wheelchair and get a van for her disability to get her to and from doctors appointments. She will also need to go to rehab out of state.

“She has to keep fighting. She has to keep fighting, and maybe a miracle will come. Maybe we’ll just get blessed, and you’ll get some of your mobility back. You have to stay strong,” Casey said.

“I just wish I could take her place so she could have a chance to live her life and accomplish her dreams and goals. She’s so young. If I could take her place, I definitely would — without a doubt,” Washington said.

Porter’s family started a Gofundme for her care with a goal of $100,000. They said prayers or even the smallest donation will help them.