KANSAS CITY, Kan. — Kansas City, Kansas, Public Schools is enhancing security at Friday’s football game, following shots fired last week. 

Friday night lights won’t be shining this week at Wyandotte High School. The football team will play in the daylight with kickof at 5 p.m.  

The district made the decision after gunfire was exchanged during last week’s game.

“It’s crazy that they’re experiencing that in a place that’s supposed to be safe,” said Alicia Granados, a sister of a Wyandotte High student.

KCK police said with one minute left on the clock, two men with guns shot at a school district police officer standing at the gate. 

Police said the officers shot back, and the suspects ran. Thankfully, nobody was injured.

Darrell Knox, 19, says he still has nightmares after hearing gunfire while picking up his brother who’s in the band at Wyandotte High School.

“Several gunshots, police gunshots, kids running the band coordinators just yelling at the kids to run that way and this way,” Knox said. “They start shooting and without hesitation I just snatch my brother and just start running towards my other brother to get him, too.”

“It makes me feel like, should I be scared? Like I don’t know if I should be scared or not, at school, like why would there be a shooting?” senior Priscila Contreras said.

The Sumner Academy cheer squad will not be there with pom poms in hand Friday. The district says more than a handful have opted out due to safety concerns.

“I understand why the cheerleaders don’t what to be there,” Knox said.

Sheyvette Dinkens is the president of the Wyandotte PTSA. She understands safety but says students were upset the parade, pep rally and tailgate were canceled.

She says it would’ve been the first one in at least six years.

“I think the majority of our students and staff wanted things to be normal,” Dinkens said. “People to make their own choices of whether they wanted to join or participate so the students aren’t very happy right now. They feel like things are being taken away from them and things are not, there’s nothing to replace it.”

On Wednesday, KCKPS tweeted:

“Out of an abundance of caution, the Friday night (09/22) Wyandotte and Sumner football game will now begin at 5 p.m. Extra security will be in attendance for the safety of our students, staff, and community. We encourage all to make their own decisions in regards to attendance.”

“I think there should be security at football games because you never know what happens,” Contreras said, “just so it doesn’t happen again.”

Contreras said the earlier the game, the better. But some parents feel frustrated as they won’t be able to get off work in time to watch their athlete play.

“I understand that there’s safety concerns and everybody and to make the best decision for them,” Dinkens said. “It’s still a traumatic situation for them and then they’re walking back on that field only a week later. So, I think that will play into how the game goes and what the morale and spirit will be.”

On Monday, students pushed for change. They walked out of class, protesting the shooting, which they said is the latest of several violent incidents near the school.

KCK police said they were asked to provide extra support before and during the game. They’ll also have patrols rolling through the area. 

Granados believes even more security measures may help.

“They’re trying to do something for the kids to still play. I think if they had more security, everybody who shows up to the game shows identification or goes through metal detecting,” Granados said.

The district told FOX4 it’s now talking about how they’ll move forward on a regular basis regarding security at games. But KCKPS couldn’t release any more information at this time. 

The following bag requirements have been implemented to expedite entry into KCK high school stadiums.

• No bags larger than 12″ x 12″ x 6″ will be allowed.
exceptions will be made for medical purposes and diaper bags that accompany young children after proper inspection.
• All items need to be easily visible.
• NO backpacks will be allowed.
• The use of clear bags is highly recommended.