Large buck crashes through Kansas family’s front door

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TOPEKA (KSNT)– Rosemary Glatt was in the kitchen of her home when she heard a loud noise coming from her front door.

She walked out into the hallway and came face to face with a large buck that had barreled through her front door, breaking all of the glass, and the door down.

After making eye contact with Rosemary, the buck continued to run through the living room, jumping over the couches and coffee tables. Surprisingly, nothing was severely damaged, only a few items on the coffee table were broken.

After getting through the living room, the buck then busted through one of the back windows, shattering the glass onto the back porch. The animal proceeded to jump off the porch, landing an almost 10-foot drop to the yard below.

Rosemary was not injured in the encounter, thankfully. Neither was the deer who ran off, although her husband Dean wishes that was not the case.

“Venison, I never thought would cost this much,” Dean said. “Not to have any venison, but to only have exposure to it, and instead the cost of a repair being God knows what.”

A next-door neighbor came over shortly after the attack and secured the Glatt’s front door and back window, ensuring that they were secure from any more deer that might try to break in.

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