EL DORADO, Kan. (KSNW) — The El Dorado Police Department is trying to spread the word about the potential danger of shooting water beads at people.

Over the weekend, El Dorado officers got multiple reports of some people in a vehicle firing water beads at citizens at random. A small child was almost hit. Some of the victims received welts.

Police in several parts of the country say they’re seeing increased reports of people inflicting injury to each other — and sometimes children — with toy guns designed to fire gel- or water-based pellets.

Officials believe the trend may have first gained traction on social media as part of a “challenge” named after Orbeez, a brand of small absorbent water beads.

On Monday, Newton High School went into lockdown after someone saw a student with a “splat” gun – a battery-powered toy that shoots water beads.

And in March, Salina police arrested two people in connection with a BB gun shooting. Police learned the case might be associated with the TikTok challenge.

“Here is our lecture to those who find this ‘trend’ funny, because we aren’t laughing and neither are the people that were involved. This behavior is completely unacceptable and will not be tolerated,” the El Dorado Police Department said in a Facebook post.

The post says that firing any firearm, even a fake gun, out of a vehicle is extremely dangerous.

It is not always apparent the ‘gun’ is fake, especially coming from a moving vehicle. This has the potential to turn a ‘fun’ trend into a deadly situation.

“This behavior is reckless and left our citizens concerned real guns were being fired at them. These acts ARE criminal and prosecution will be requested on individuals involved in these types of investigations.”

El Dorado Police Department

One of the people who commented on the post agreed, saying Kansas is a constitutional carry state.

It is really stupid to pull a realistic gun out where someone may mistake you for a felonious criminal intent on doing harm. This is how tragedies happen.”

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