WICHITA, Kan. — If you’re taking the Kansas Turnpike between Wichita and Topeka, you will soon have new food options at the service areas.

The Towanda and Matfield Green service areas will be changing over to Subway and Dairy Queen, while the Topeka Service Area will switch to a McDonald’s, KSNW reports.

Earlier this month, the Turnpike announced that the Emporia Service Area will be adding a Taco John’s.

At 11 p.m. April 14, the Towanda, Matfield Green and Topeka service areas restaurants will close so remodeling can begin.

“Providing solid traveler services is important to KTA and we’re glad this change can happen prior to becoming a cashless roadway in 2024,” KTA CEO Steve Hewitt said in a news release.

“Thanks to feedback provided by customers, we have a better understanding of their expectations which helps when selecting quality partners.”

The Towanda and Matfield Green restaurants are expected to open their drive-thrus by late June, with the dining area scheduled to open in late July. Emporia’s Taco John’s drive-thru is expected to open in mid-May, with the dining area opening in early June.

The Topeka Service Area’s McDonald’s drive-thru is expected to open in mid-August, with the dining area expected to open in early September.

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