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OVERLAND PARK, Kan. — On Monday, the Overland Park City Council will review a potential expansion to the U.S. 69 Toll Lane Project

In June, the council voted 10-2 to create express toll lanes on U.S. 69 Highway. The total project will create an extra lane of traffic in both directions of 69 Highway between West 103rd and 179th streets.

Last month, the city entered into an agreement with the Kansas Department of Transportation for the first phase of the project. That agreement will allow KDOT to design and construct express toll lanes on U.S. 69 from 103rd Street to 151st Street. 

Now the city will consider expanding that city-state agreement to include the reconstruction of the 167th Street interchange.

The additional work would add ramps from northbound U.S 69 to 167th Street and from 167th Street to southbound U.S 69. It would also expand 167th Street from two lanes to four lanes between Antioch Road and Metcalf Avenue. 

The proposal would expand 167th Street from two lanes to four lanes between Antioch Road and Metcalf Avenue.

The express toll lane project will be built out in multiple phases and cost roughly $655 million to complete. The first phase costs roughly $300 million and covers construction from 103rd to 151st Street. The second phase extends the project to 179th Street. The project also includes renovations to bridges and crosswalks on the interchanges at Blue Valley Parkway and at Interstate 435. 

KDOT estimates the 167th Street Interchange Project would cost an extra $30 million to complete. Under the proposed expansion, Overland Park would be responsible for paying an additional $10 million in net toll revenues for the project with the remaining $20million paid for with state and federal funds. 

According to city documents, that could increase the amount of time the toll would be in place from 3 to 7 years depending on use.