LAWRENCE, Kan. — The Lawrence Police Department’s release of video from an attack Wednesday night is drawing concern from residents.

FOX4 showed several people the video police put on social media. 

We talked to two students who just graduated from the University of Kansas. Bailey Evans had heard about the incident at 10th Street and Massachusetts when FOX4 spoke to her Friday.

“Mostly on Mass, if I’m not around the bars, I probably wouldn’t be walking up and down at night,” Evans said. “I don’t know, other than that, I don’t really go places at night just because as a woman, I don’t feel safe most places.”

The video shows a man crossing the street and then punching another man more than once. He and a woman suffered head injuries, according to Lawrence Police. Fortunately, people stepped in to prevent anything more from happening, and the suspect walked off.

“I was just kind of in shock,” KU graduating senior Delaney Herold said. “They didn’t even do anything to provoke him, so I don’t understand I guess.”

“Yeah,” Evans added. “He went out of his way to cross the street just to do that.”

The incident happened right across from Rusty Taco. General manager Madison Flatin said she’s somewhat concerned for her workers.

“Obviously, they’re worried about their own safety as well,” she told FOX4 on Friday. “But we try to stick together and be a team.”

Just before 8 a.m. Thursday, police were called to a scene where a man with a knife matched the description of Wednesday night’s suspect. Police arrested 34-year-old Deonte Darrell Jackson in a backyard near 12th and Pennsylvania. Police said he’s homeless.

“I don’t understand the anger that is present in about half of the people on the street,” Lee Baldwin told FOX4 Friday. “You know, people yell, scream, holler. They scream awful things, and I can’t figure out why.”

Lawrence Police Chief Rich Lockhart said he’s increasing foot patrols on Massachusetts Street in wake of what happened.