OVERLAND PARK, Kan. — The Overland Park Police Department is reminding drivers to stay alert on the roads after a bicyclist was hit while trying to cross the street.

The bicyclist was hit at the 119th Street and Quivira Road intersection in Overland Park last week.

In a video posted by the police department, you can see a bicyclist at the corner of the intersection. They slow down and take a quick look around before riding into the crosswalk.

That’s when an SUV pulls forward, hitting the bicyclist and sending them a few feet from the collision. The driver of the SUV then backed up their car and got out, while the person hit stood up, and another pedestrian walked over to check on them.

According to OPPD, the bicyclist was injured but is expected to recover.

Still, police said the incident is a reminder for drivers to look both ways while initiating a right turn at an intersection.