Kansas schools push for emergency funding, two are denied

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KANSAS CITY, Kan. — Several metro schools pushed for emergency funding, and two walked away empty handed on Monday.

The state finance council decided which Kansas schools would be dished out extraordinary needs funding.

The Kansas City, Kansas School District requested $2.1 million, but staff told FOX 4 Monday night that they are disappointed because they only got a quarter of what they asked for.

Also, Olathe and Bonner Springs requests were both denied.

FOX 4 talked to two school districts following their appeals about the outcome.

“We are really going to have to watch every penny and in the end you can’t make up this amount of money we’re going to have to start using some of our balances,” said John Hutchison, Chief Financial Operations Officer for Olathe Public Schools.

“It’s disappointing it’s frustrating you know these 500 students 40 percent of them are going to be English language learners who cost more to serve some of them will be migrant and refugees probably 30 more of them will be homeless at some time during the  year,” said Chief of Communications for Kansas City Kansas Public Schools, David Smith.

The emergency funding is money on top of the block grant funding schools already receive. It’s awarded based on enrollment increases and reductions in property values, which lead to reduced property taxes.

Statewide the council awarded about half of the 12 million dollars in the emergency fund.



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