Kansas sees spike in identity theft cases as fake unemployment claims come in


TOPEKA, Kan. — Do you know who has access to your private information?

Kansas is seeing a spike in identity theft, and officials are warning Kansans to keep a close eye on their information.

According to acting Labor Secretary Ryan Wright, the state has seen an increase in false unemployment claims. Meaning, someone has stolen the identity of another person in order to get paid unemployment benefits. Wright said this isn’t due to a breach in security.

He added most people don’t realize their identity has been stolen until the receive a notice from the Department of Labor notifying them. He encouraged people to watch out for any suspicious activity.

If you believe someone has been using your identity, the state has an online form that you can fill out.

“That has all of the information we need to investigate those claims, and that will generate a police report that they have and they can use to give their creditors,” explained Secretary Wright.

To fill out the form, visit ReportFraud.ks.gov. It’s also recommended that you notify your bank, credit card companies, and the Social Security Administration if you suspect any fraudulent activities associated with your identity.

You can find more helpful information on the report fraud website.



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