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Kansas Speaks survey shows desire for gun control, Medicaid expansion, and medical marijuana

TOPEKA, Kan. — Fort Hays State University has released the Kansas Speaks 2019 fall survey results. The survey has been done every year since 2009.

The survey was completed by research students at FHSU. Kansans from across the state were called on their landline or cell phone and asked to participate in the survey. According to the report, there was a 16.1% response rate. Of those that responded, a majority were over the age of 65.

The survey asked questions about living in Kansas, such as, “In general, how would you rate Kansas as a place to live?” 22.5% said excellent and 31.2% said very good.

Kansas Speaks 2019

The survey also asked poll-takers their opinions on relevant political issues. According to the survey results, 88% of the Kansans polled were in favor of requiring background checks in order to purchase a gun and 41% were in favor of banning assault-style weapons. You can see the full break down below.

Kansas Speaks 2019

Medicaid Expansion is likely going to be a topic of discussion during the upcoming 2020 legislative session. According to those polled in the survey, 62% want Medicaid Expansion in the state.

Kansas Speaks 2019

Legalizing medical marijuana has been a frequent topic for Kansas. 63% of the Kansas Speaks survey-takers say they want medical marijuana to be legalized for individuals 21 and older. They also are in favor of increasing taxes on cigarettes/cigars and alcohol.

Jeff Carson has lived in Kansas for 27 years and he says he agrees with the survey results.

“Kansas has a lot of work ahead of itself and I think we need to be progressive about some of these issues so that we’re inviting and a friendly, safe place for people to move to,” says Jeff.

According to the survey report, there is a 5.2% margin of error, meaning the results could be off about 5% in either direction.

View the full report here.