Kansas starts filming PSAs, urging residents to wear masks to help local businesses


A compromise between Kansas Republican lawmakers and Gov. Laura Kelly is taking shape.

To avoid a special legislative session, both sides agreed to a public relations campaign to encourage mask wearing. On Wednesday, FOX4 got a behind the scenes look as filming gets underway.

“We’re actually going to talk about keeping Kansas businesses open,” said Cindy Samuelson with the Kansas Hospital Association.

Samuelson is at the heart of this series of public service announcements, meant to remind Kansans to wear their masks since reducing the spread of COVID-19 will also keep commerce alive.

“We’re trying to get all those messages across in this campaign to appeal to Kansans and all the people in the Midwest that feel like they don’t want anyone to tell them what to do and they’d rather make that decision on their own,” Samuelson said.

Last week, Kelly announced a sweeping set of new mask rules meant to curb COVID-19’s incessant spread. As part of that, the governor ordered this campaign to convince everyone to mask up.

Health marketer Thom Ludtke is also an essential brain behind these PSAs in which a business owner is confronted with various customers, some of whom won’t take precautions.

“He needs to come into his work. That’s what he’s doing every day,” Ludtke said. “He wants to keep it open, and the best way to do that is to make smart decisions for those who we know and love.”

These public service announcements will also include messages about hand washing and social distancing.

Ludtke said they’ll be completed soon and shown in Kansas and Missouri within the next two weeks.



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