Kansas Supreme Court Considers Disbarring Phill Kline

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TOPEKA, Kan — Anti-abortion crusader Phil Kline could be disbarred if the Kansas Disciplinary Administrator gets his way.

Kline, the former Johnson County District Attorney and State Attorney General told the Kansas Supreme Court he did nothing illegal or unethical during a 90-minute hearing Thursday morning.

Kline is accused of misleading state workers to obtain confidential medical records.  Kline’s critics say it was part of an underhanded effort to investigate clinics for performing illegal late term abortions.

“The claim is that when we approached the Sebuilus administration (former Democratic Governor) for cooperation our duty was to tell them who we were investigating, that duty does not exist in law,” Kline told FOX 4.

State Disciplinary Administrator Stan Hazlett told the justices Kline committed no less than 20 violations of the rules of professional conduct.

“The findings with respect to dishonest conduct on their own merit disbarment,” Hazlett testified.

Last year, the Kansas Board for Discipline of Attorneys recommended that Kline’s law license be suspended indefinitely.  The Kansas Supreme Court is expected to issue a ruling in a few months.



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