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WELLINGTON, Kan. — A small-town Kansas woman is gaining national attention for her rainbow hair art.

Ursula Goff has more than 102,000 followers on Instagram who get to see photos of hairstyles she made that include dyed polka dots, mosaic designs and painted eyes. She was recently featured on the Rachael Ray Show with a segment about her hairstyles, the Wichita Eagle reported .

“The rainbow hair trend has been flooding our social media feeds for quite some time now — but one extremely popular hairstylist from Kansas named Ursula Goff … has truly taken the phenomenon to another level,” Cristina Corvina wrote for the show.

Goff has been styling hair for more than a dozen years, but didn’t start gaining social media attention until about three years ago. She said the reactions to her art weren’t always positive in rural Kansas.

“As time goes by, I get more positive feedback than anything,” Goff said. “There’s always people who don’t like it or it’s not their thing, but they aren’t my market, so it’s no big deal.”

She finds her inspiration from “almost everything,” and embraces what some consider weird or crazy.

“It’s fun and lucrative,” Goff said. “I get almost complete creative control, it’s just challenging enough, and it’s given me fantastic travel, exposure and income opportunities. Obviously that not only benefits me and my career, but my family also, and they are ultimately who I answer to and who motivates me.”

Despite the national attention, Goff said she has no plans to leave the small town of Wellington anytime soon.

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So here’s what my work looks like with a higher production value. My lovely friend @phildoeshair set up the lighting for this and used his fancy person camera, and voila! The colors look just right, the background is nice, the focus is perfect, the style is beautifully enhanced. Nothing needs corrected, and I am left astounded. Didn’t he do a beautiful job?! My husband sees it and thinks all my photos need to look this good, so he buys me a new camera. You can see how often I use it… 🌈 🌈 I’ve honestly been pretty satisfied with my $4.69 set up from wal-mart for a few reasons: 1. I’m not super interested in becoming an editorial photographer, even if I AM interested in becoming an editorial stylist, and 2. I think it helps people understand that I’m real and my stuff is real and I live in a tiny little town in middle of nowhere kansas and half ass my presentation – which means you can still be visible if you’re doing good work. It makes me accessible. You don’t have to move to a big metropolitan area on the coast to do your weird shit and be appreciated for it, because the world is different now. We all talked about this a million times over the last week, but it’s true. You can be unapologetically yourself and there’s a market for it that you can now find in ways you couldn’t before. What a world to live in! Creative people that live in sucky places and don’t have support and have to water your own gardens – keep going! Keep putting yourself out there! Keep connecting with other weirdos and find your family! They are out there, probably waiting on you to hurry up and find them! DO IT! #rainbowpeople #rainbowhair #weirdshit

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