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BELTON, Mo. — Anniversaries tend to mark happy occasions, things worth celebrating. That was not the case Sunday for the family of Kara Kopetsky. The teen disappeared seven years ago on May 4, 2007.

People in Belton still want answers. A group came together to walk for Kara. Many of them held signs with the teen’s picture, the date of her disappearance, and phrases like, “I would walk forever to bring you home.”

FOX 4’s Megan Dillard spoke with Kara’s mother, Rhonda Beckford.

“It’s really amazing that even after seven years, the support that we have, that all these people continue to show up. Kara’s friends and family have grown in the last seven years even though she hasn’t been here,” said Beckford.

Family friend Ben Rushing said, “You hear the people honking in the cars, that does great for the support of the people, Jim [Kara’s stepfather] and Rhonda [Kara’s mother] and people that are close in the family, and lets them know people still care about Kara.”

Rushing also talked about the family’s struggle since Kara’s disappearance.

“You don’t ever think about it happening to people you know. You just see it on the news, and it could never happen to anybody you know. Nothing bad like that can happen. Then when it happens, you think, how can they get through that?” said Rushing.

Kara’s stepfather, Jim Beckford, said, “Once you get thrown into this circle, there’s no real book or manual to tell you what to do. Every case and situation is different.”

He also explained that life has to go on, one way or another.

“Her mom finally washed her clothes and folded them and put them in a tote, you know, it’s Kara’s room,” said Jim.

Kara’s mother had a message for the person who knows what happened to her daughter.

“The time has come to step forward. It’s been seven years. Seven years too long. And if they think I’m going to give up and go away, it ain’t happening. They don’t know me,” she said.

The family has hosted fundraisers and events throughout the years to keep Kara’s name in the public’s eye. Sunday, the family announced a $10,000 addition to the reward money, bringing the total up to $90,000. Kara was 17 year old when she disappeared.

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