KANSAS CITY, Mo. — It was a tiny miracle this week at Kauffman Stadium.

A Kansas City Royals employee noticed some yelping coming from under the hood of a coworker’s car and discovered a small dog was stuck near the engine.

The 4-month-old puppy, named Bon Bon, rode over 30 miles under Royals’ employee Ashley Newman’s hood.

“So I’m in this meeting with my boss, and I’m getting phone calls from one of my coworkers. The first one, I sent them to voicemail and was like, ‘Hey, I’ll call you back in a second,'” Newman said.

“He texts and he’s like, ‘This is pretty urgent. There’s a couple of people up here. They think they hear a dog under your car.”

Video shows Kauffman maintenance worker Dennis Miller came to the rescue.

“She was in there pretty tight. It took some finagling to get her out, but once we got the bottom loose, we were able to work her out backwards and come out from the bottom,” Miller said.

With some tools and a little elbow grease, Bon Bon was free.

“It was extremely emotional, you know,” Newman said. “It was captured on video and just very apologetic to the baby. I felt so bad, you know. They made that 30-minute commute to work with me, and you know I just had no idea that whole time.”

Thankfully the dog was OK. They took her to Kansas City Pet Project, and Newman got right to work, locating the owner on Facebook.

“She was very relieved and thankful and appreciative and emotional herself, and she was able to go pick her up from KC Pet Project,” Newman said.