KC 6-year-old girl fights back against attempted abductor who tried to force her into car

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Police are looking for a metro man who grabbed a 6-year-old girl and tried to force her into his car. It happened in the Northland on Thursday afternoon. The little girl’s mom started talking to parents in the neighborhood along Vivion Road west of Antioch Road about the frightening incident, and now more kids are coming forward claiming the same thing happened to them.

Like most 6 year olds, Maliya Lyle loves playing with her friends outside, but now her parents are thinking twice after a frightening encounter.

“I was at my friend’s house playing,” Lyle said.

She was riding her bike when a man pulled up next to her. He asked Maliya if she liked ice cream and told her to get in his car.

“He tried to grab my wrist and take me in his car,” she said.

The quick thinking 6-year-old fought back, pulled her arm away and ran as fast as she could to the next door neighbors.

“I was thinking he was trying to kidnap me,” Maliya said.

“She was really shaken up. She cried a little bit. She was afraid they might take her,” Maliya’s mom Rebekah Armilio said.

A terrifying story for Maliya’s mom to hear. She was shaken up too and decided to talk to other parents in the neighborhood, only to find out other kids have reported the same incident.

“All the kids are between 5 and 7 that I’ve spoken with. They all say the same thing… it’s not an ice cream truck,” Armilio said.

Police have been patrolling the area, searching for the suspect. Now, Northland parents say they’re on high alert and hoping anyone watching will be too.

“Everybody… mom, dad, uncle… everybody needs to be careful of their little one. People are not always good people,” said Armilio.

Maliya told police the man was middle-aged, clean shaven with dark hair. She said he was driving smaller sized dark car. If you see anything suspicious call 911.



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