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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — On Sunday, the Buffalo Bills will play in the AFC Championship game for the first time in more than 20 years. 

Immaculate Conception Elementary School in East Aurora, New York, made a music video to celebrate the accomplishment, but also to guarantee the Bills win. 

In the video, the performer sang, “The Bills are gonna be the champion of the AFC.” 

Of course, fans of the defending Super Bowl Champion Kansas City Chiefs never pass up a great opportunity to defend their team. So St. Elizabeth Elementary in Kansas City decided to respond.

The filmed a video of their own, showing off their team pride. Dozens of excited students donned their favorite Chiefs gear and found creative ways to cheer. 

The two schools also made a little bet on who will win the AFC Championship. The winner gets a bag of goodies and an extra day out of uniform. 

FOX4 decided to throw our hat in the proverbial ring. We asked Joe Duttweiler, principal of Immaculate Conception, if he was ready for the Bills to lose on Sunday. 

“We are, but we’re hoping the we don’t have to,” he responded gracefully.

Michael Riley, principal at St. Elizabeth, said this competition brought joy to a difficult year.  

“The kids, you know, there’s so many things they missed out on,” he said. “You know, playing school sports, that hasn’t happened. And so, this is an opportunity for the kids to just boost their morale.”