KANSAS CITY, Mo. — It was a tough week for Fairway Animal Hospital, as they had to say goodbye to some of their furry clients.

The manager of the hospital, Laura Quick, says in her 12 years at the facility, she’s only seen a handful of wild animal attacks, but this week they had several animals mauled to death. That’s why they took to Instagram to warn pet parents in the area.

“We had two small dogs that came in that had died in their backyards with apparent wild animal wounds, not normal for our area,” Quick said.

“Both of the patients had pretty traumatic injuries. It could have been another large dog but animal control, we’ve been in contact with them. And they haven’t seen any large dogs or anything. But different people have emailed in videos of coyotes up and down the streets and fairway.”

“I’d seen it like in a couple of like, the neighborhood emails about like small dogs getting attacked. I’m not concerned about my dog because my dog’s bigger than a coyote. But like, it’s like, but there’s so many dogs in the neighborhood,” resident Todd Parker said.

Others who hadn’t seen any coyotes say the recent attacks have them concerned about their pet.

“I mean, our latch isn’t super great on our fence. So that would be concerning if he were to get out. But luckily, I haven’t seen anything or heard anything. But yeah, I don’t know that he would be able to defend himself very well,” Madison Auten said.

The Fairway Animal Hospital has been working with animal control about the recent sightings. They urge people not to leave their small animals outside.

“They’re just looking for food or for some sort of activity. So just making sure that your trash cans are locked up, and you’re not leaving stuff out that would attract them to your backyard,” Quick said.

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