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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A metro woman is warning the community about two men who she says are dressing professionally to get inside homes. That woman lives in a south Kansas City apartment complex – The Kings Apartments off of Interstate 49, just south of Red Bridge Road.

Aikiela Wilson has lived at The Kings Apartments for about a month. On Wednesday evening, her cousin called her and told her someone came to her door.

“She said ‘well they said they were maintenance,’ and I`m like, ‘well maintenance wouldn`t be at my door right now, it`s after business hours, and I don`t have any notification about them coming over today,’” Wilson recalled.

“I ended up running into the two males on my way inside the building, and I stopped them and I just said ‘did you guys come to my door saying that you were maintenance, whatever you needed assistance with?’ And he said ‘oh, yeah, we we`re with a moving company, and we were looking for apartment such and such, whatever.’ And I`m like, I wouldn`t have any business with any movers, I just moved in here.”

At first she thought they might be lost, but they told her and her cousin two different stories.

“My cousin said they said they were maintenance, but when I approached them, they said they were with the moving company, but I didn`t see any moving trucks, or anything outside, so I knew for certain no one was there to move anything for that matter,” Wilson said.

Wilson called her landlord and they confirmed the men were not with the complex.

“They had on two Royal Blue shirts, that I believe said KC Movers, or KC Moving Company,” Wilson described. “If they were coming to do the robbery, I assume they wear the KC Moving shirts to make it look like a legitimate company.”

She talked to some neighbors after the encounter, one said they saw the men take off, so she knew they weren`t just lost or had the wrong apartment.

“If they were there for someone else, they would still, most likely, be in the complex searching for the correct apartment number, which they weren`t,” Wilson said.

And adding to her fear – Wilson says someone came into her home unannounced when she was at work last week.

“I`m not sure if they were coming back to finish up the job,” she said.

She got the locks changed, and is now warning others.

“You can never be too sure, with me being a person who lives alone, it just dawned on me that maybe someone else is out there could have experienced it, and was too scared to speak up on it, but I just wanted to let people know, so they can watch out for these guys,” said Wilson.

The apartment complex says their maintenance men wear a uniform with a company name and they have a badge with their name and picture, and they always give the tenant notice before they arrive.