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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — People living at one Kansas City housing complex say it’s been three weeks since they’ve had air conditioning. 

Residents at Gabriel Towers at 16th and Jackson say the building has a lot of problems, but with scorching temperatures, the air is the last straw. 

“It’s been treacherous,” resident Bernadette Yeakey said. “You take so many showers, and it’s not helping. You either stay outside and try to keep cool, or you try to suffer with the heat.”

Gabriel Towers is owned by Millenia Housing Management, which also owns Englewood Apartments. Last fall, the city found more than 100 violations at Englewood Apartments and forced Millenia to close one of the buildings at the complex. 

“Air comes with the building. Fleas come with the dog,” resident Rodney Brown said. “You have to take care of the tenants that’s not responsible for what happened to the building.”

Third District At-Large Councilman Brandon Ellington was disgusted by the conditions inside beyond the building not having air conditioning. 

“The conditions are horrible,” he said. “We’ve seen trash in there so long that had to be sitting in there because of the smell, water spots, mold inside of the walls with tags — meaning they came through but haven’t done anything about it.”

The city said there are no immediate health and safety violations at Gabriel Towers that would require residents to leave. 

But the city is monitoring conditions and said the air conditioning is expected to be repaired Wednesday. 

On Monday, they brought cooling buses to the complex for residents to get a break from the heat. 

“We have disabled people. We have senior citizens. We have vets. We have people like myself,” Brown said. “It is not something that you would want for your family member under these conditions.”

But these are the conditions residents have to live with. 

Millenia Housing Management sent FOX4 a statement saying they’ve had multiple issues getting the air conditioner working and plan to have it resolved mid-week. 

Residents say if you have a fan to donate, it would be greatly appreciated and you can drop it by the complex.