KANSAS CITY, Kan. — President Joe Biden and the Food and Drug Administration are taking action to alleviate the ongoing baby formula shortage.

The head of the FDA on Thursday said the shortage should start to improve within a matter of days.

For months, families have been struggling to find ways to make sure they can feed their babies as they navigate the formula shortage.

As families become desperate for solutions, desperate times calls for desperate measures. Dr. Stephen Lauer with the University of Kansas Health System saying that in some cases, families have ignored pleas from doctors not to dilute formula.

“The formula is designed just as it to feed the baby just as it is to give them the amount right amount of water and nutrients and you dilute that out and their metabolism just can’t handle that as well,” Lauer said.

On Wednesday, Biden invoked the Defense Production Act to help.

“Which will allow us to make sure that the supplies that go into infant formula are reaching US o manufacturing facilities quickly and effectively and allow us to shave some potential time off of off of production schedules,” Deputy Assistant to the President for Health and Veterans Affairs, Christen Linke Young said

Biden also announced Operation Fly Formula, to fast-track formula shipments from other countries.

“We’re also going to be using Department of Defense contracted airplanes to fly in additional product from abroad once that product has a has a green light from the FDA to safely come into this country,” Young said.

Since this shortage started due to Abbott Nutrition shutting down, many lawmakers have been pushing to pass legislation to address the baby formula crisis.

Representative Sharice Davids, D-Kan., said she is hopeful this will jumpstart production and alleviate the shortage.

“I do think that invoking the defense production act is it’s a, it’s certainly a step, I’m hopeful that it’s going to be that it’s going to be something that’s going to help jumpstart the restocking of the infant formula shortage that we’re seeing,” Davids said.

She said the house voted on two bills to address the shortage.

“One of our one of the bills that we passed yesterday out of the House would help lower income families who are making use of nutrition assistance to be able to purchase brands of formula that that aren’t Abbott. Because right now, that is one of the barriers that exists is that if they’re using any form of nutrition assistance, the Abbott products are not available. So, they need to be able to have that flexibility to get other types of formula,” Davids said.

As the FDA works to get Abbott Nutrition’s Michigan formula plant reopened.

Davids said the house passed a bill to expedite that process.

“We passed a bill to make sure that the FDA has the staff and capacity that they need to work with Abbott to get that Michigan plant back up and running as soon as possible in safe conditions,” Davids said.

Lauer said as production hopefully ramps up and imports of formula start flowing into the United States, he hopes in the future there are plans in place to avoid another crisis like this.

“I would hope that this would lead to some forward thinking about how we, as a country, think about supporting moms and babies, the fact that we’re in this situation, because some underlying supply chain issues, that we’re slowing things down, but I would hope that we don’t go back to the situation where closing one plant leads to a crisis again, and we’ve got to I think we need to address that and find better ways to consistently support mothers and newborns, by having the food the products that they need in a more reliable way,” he said.

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