INDEPENDENCE, Mo. — Jackson County prosecutors have charged a man accused of a double-homicide on Oct. 29 that left his wife’s two sons dead.

According to Jackson County prosecutors, Terrill Anderson is facing four charges, one being second-degree murder.

The court documents say Anderson’s wife said on the initial 911 phone call that “her husband had shot her two sons.” Police said when they arrived at around 8:25 p.m. last Sunday, they found Adonis Knight and Mario Batrez dead in the kitchen of an Independence house.

Court documents reveal that surveillance video captured much of the dispute. It began with assaults near the door of the garage and the sub-basement.

Jackson County prosecutors said after that Anderson wielded a gun in the lower living room, and one of the victim’s held a knife while someone else shielded the victim.

At this point, the other victim was in the kitchen looking at his phone. Then Anderson fired two “warning shots” into the kitchen ceiling from the base of the stairs, prosecutors say. The victim with the knife then yelled at Anderson.

Knight and Batrez left the house following that, court documents say. One of them tried and failed to get into a locked car. The victims then went back inside the house.

The one who previously carried a knife went after Anderson while the other involved person continued to try shielding the victim.

Jackson Country officials said the victim then tried reaching around to hit Anderson two times before Anderson pulled the trigger and shot him and the victim fell to the floor.

Then, prosecutors say, Anderson turned to the other victim who was just standing there and posing no threat — and shot him.

That victim fell to the ground face-first, and then Anderson shot him again while the victim lay on the ground, court documents detail. He turned back to the first man shot who was laying on the floor and shot him a second time.

Then he turned back to the victim who, according to authorities never posed a threat the entire video, to shoot him a third time.

Court documents say Anderson then went back to the first man and stood over him, shot him again and stomped on him. Even after walking away from that, Anderson turned back around halfway down the stairs and shot toward the victim’s head for the final shot fired, according to prosecutors.

Back at the police station, Anderson told investigators that both victims had assaulted him in the sub-basement. Anderson said that once he freed himself, he got to the garage for the handgun and went back into the house.

Court documents say he told police he shot the two men in self-defense and that he thought both victims were armed, one with a knife and the other with a gun. Video shows neither victim was armed when they were shot, according to Jackson Country prosecutors.

Anderson’s biological juvenile children were also in the house at the time of the double-homicide and were escorted out after police arrived.