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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Have you noticed more and more Little Free Libraries popping up everywhere? That’s because they are. Throughout the week, the Parks and Rec department will be installing Little Free Libraries at community centers around the area.

That’s really exciting for Jeanetta Walker who takes care of her four-year-old cousin, Jason.

“It’s better than going to the library where they have so many days to read it. This time they can take their time in reading it and returning it,” she said.

There will be 12 Little Libraries installed at community centers in Kansas City. A third of them are already up, and the rest will be mounted throughout the week.

With the Little Free Library, you don’t have to check out books or even return them. All you have to do is turn this latch, then you take the book you want and leave one if you want to. There’s no obligation.

“I think any time you can learn while you’re having fun, even if that’s by accident, that’s a win,” said Terry Rynard, the Parks and Rec department’s deputy director.

Volunteers donated time and materials; most libraries cost less than $50.

The libraries are not just for little readers, grown-ups can take a book too

“If they have adult books that I can read, not children’s, then yeah,” said Walker.

The Free Little Libraries are meant to make increase literacy in the community by making reading accessible to everyone.

You can find the Little Libraries already installed at Jarboe Park, the North KC and Line Creek Community Centers.