KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A local breast cancer survivor is giving back one drink at a time.

The owner of Lulus Thai Noodle Shop, Malisa Monyakula, knows the heartache of being diagnosed with breast cancer.

She underwent treatment years ago and has been cancer-free ever since, but she still goes in for an annual mammogram with fears it might return someday.

Wanting to help other breast cancer patients, she is raising money by offering two signature pink drinks during the month of October.

One dollar from every sale will go to the organization Bra Couture, which helps women without insurance pay for breast cancer treatment.

“As a cancer patient, you are the one who is fighting the cancer. You’re doing the chemotherapy, radiation and surgery so you were actively participating in trying to defeat the cancer,” Monyakula said.

“For those that can offer support and give back, I think it’s important to do that.”

Lulus is serving these two drinks at all three of their locations. Go to lulusnoodles.com to learn more.