KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A Kansas City business owner said someone tried to rip parts off his works trucks.

He’s hoping surveillance video from Lincoln College Preparatory Academy, just next door to his business, will help catch the crook who broke into his trucks and managed to steal keys that belonged to his clients.

“I’m appreciative that Kansas City Public School District and Lincoln high school and their security to take the effort to go through it and help me with this,” business owner Curtis Whiters said.

Whiters has been able to see surveillance video from the school that shows a truck pulling up to the gates of his small, family owned business, Stewart Hauling.

They transport trash for homes and businesses.

“A gentleman at 3:17 this morning, just this Wednesday of this week, he came to my property, cut the pole while I had the chain around it and broke into the gates,” he said.

He believes that thief may have been trying to steal the catalytic converters off his trucks but said his truck was not damaged.

However, he feels as though the thief took something more important, keys belonging to his clients property.

“He really can’t do a lot of damage but just the fact that he’s got the keys that my customers gave me the responsibility to hold that he’s taken those is what I’m more upset about than anything,” Whiters said.

He plans to file a police report with the Kansas City Police Department over the theft. He also wants to set up a $500 reward for information that helps police arrest the person responsible.