KC businesses adapting to news that mask mandate will go on for months


KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Businesses across Kansas City are adapting after Mayor Quinton Lucas extended the mask mandate until next year.

Just like basically everyone, Made in Kansas City has had to roll with the punches in recent months.

“We were closed for just over months, so for brick-and-mortar retail, it’s a real gut-punch for us that we were able to ride out,” co-owner Keith Bradley said.

Bradley said while sales aren’t where they should be, the order is for the best.

“We were anticipating an extension just because of the way cases were going in our community, and we’re fully in support of it, as long as were able to stay open and keep our employees and customers safe,” Bradley said.

Many of their customers agree.

“I think it’s great because with the numbers rising, I think we need it,” Jack Bonar said.

Citing a 115% increase in cases for people ages 20-29 between June and July, on Thursday, the mayor extended the order beyond August and into January.

People are expected to wear masks indoors and anywhere six feet of separation isn’t possible. Additionally, taverns and bars must stay at 50% capacity.

But some people are concerned the KC community is trying to return to normal.

A viewer sent FOX4 a video of a Thursday night concert at Kansas City Live in the Power and Light District. The video and a picture appear to show dozens not wearings masks or social distancing.

“I think it’s disturbing, absolutely disturbing,” Terri Bonar said.

FOX4 reached out to the owner, the Cordish Companies, who said masks aren’t required because it’s an outdoor venue and they had limited capacity “to well below 50%.”

They sent this statement:

“From the beginning of the pandemic, it has been incredibly important to the Power & Light District that we comply in every way with the regulations imposed by the City of Kansas City’s State of Emergency ordinances.

“Because the Power & Light District’s outdoor plaza is an outdoor venue, guests are not required to wear masks when in attendance. All of the restaurants adjacent to the outdoor plaza require masks for entry. They have always complied and will always comply with all City social distancing requirements. 

“Though it’s not required by City ordinance, the Power & Light District has encouraged its guests to wear masks outside when not seated or actively eating or drinking in any outdoor venue from the first day that it re-opened during the pandemic.

“All employees follow rigorous safety protocols prior to and during their shifts. We have also aggressively limited capacity in the outdoor plaza to well below 50%. As long as the pandemic continues, we will continue to comply with the City’s requirements and guidelines and proactively and persistently encourage guests to wear face coverings outdoors while not seated, eating or drinking, including through the use of signage, video reminders, live reminders and the offering of disposable masks for any guest who may not have one. 

“It is important to note that last night’s live music in the Power & Light District’s outdoor plaza was a limited capacity event attended by far less than 50% of the capacity of the outdoor venue. We’ve attached images taken at different times during the event showing the spacing of tables and the social distancing among groups. These photos accurately represent the nature of the event. 

The Department of Health told FOX4 although this isn’t recommended, it doesn’t appear that a violation occurred.



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