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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — As a result of the tragic condo collapse in Florida, Kansas City officials will close the parking garage beneath City Hall in August to inspect corrosion and decay in the concrete foundation.

“With what’s happening in Florida and those considerations, we’re taking a closer look, to be more proactive,” city spokesperson Maggie Green said. “To make sure we’re using the highest safety in all of our city owned and leased buildings.”

There are sizable craters and cavities in the concrete foundation of the parking structure, exposed rebar is also visible in many spots.

“The waterproofing that would typically hold out the water and make the water not infiltrate, that’s failing,” Green explained. “So what’s happening, as water is seeping down into the garage, we can kind of hear it dripping.”

Salt and ice-melt, used around City Hall over the years, have also seeped into the underground structure, exacerbating the corrosion.

City officials insist it’s part of a resolution, introduced by Mayor Quinton Lucas, to closely inspect all city-owned and leased properties out of an abundance of caution.

The above-ground south plaza, outside of City Hall, will also be fenced off during the inspection period.

City officials raised the issue during last week’s city council business session. The gravity of the concerns with the parking garage foundation induced a colorful reaction from Lucas.

“I know you’re just saying ‘out of an abundance of caution,’ but saying that we can’t potentially handle a live load on the south plaza is kind of terrifying to me,” Lucas said.