Movie theaters proceeding cautiously with reopenings

KC Comeback

LIBERTY, Mo. — One theater group in the metro say restoring public confidence is guiding their decision making, now that Kansas is reopening movie theaters on Friday.

Theaters have been open again for more than a week in Missouri. And what you’re seeing happening in the Show-Me State is probably what movie lovers in Kansas should expect.

B&B Theatres has limited showings to 10 people per auditorium in so-called private events. For example, a group of ten neighbors can reserve a theater to watch Wonder Woman.

A big problem for theater operators is that Hollywood remains closed, with no new movie releases scheduled until mid-July.

“We are encouraged by this development by the Kansas government,” said Paul Farnsworth, public relations director for B&B Theatres. “I think the short answer is that we probably won’t open on Friday just because Hollywood is closed also. So we are working with our studio reps to get content on the screen. I anticipate going into the next week, we will be open for some small scale events to get people back in their seats.”

Miller Theatres presented a so-called curbside showing Tuesday night in Blue Springs, Mo., that apparently brought some fans out.

Farnsworth says B&B has delivered curbside popcorn to customers during this restricted time, and that also has proved to be popular.

Theaters are emphasizing cleaning between each showing. And with large plush seating, it’s not as difficult to achieve physical distancing guidelines in the age of COVID-19.

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