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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The Power and Light District is planning to reopen on Friday, and that could include several street cafes.

The plan is for 14th Street to be closed to traffic to allow street cafes room to operate. But there could be more on the way depending on what city council decides to do.

City leaders have talked about street cafe options for several weeks.

This would allow restaurants to serve food and in some cases alcohol on sidewalk and street space in front of the store front.

On Thursday the city council will vote on three ordinances that could allow this to happen. Those are ordinances 200-376 – 377 and 378.

Business owners have been in favor of this idea because they could serve more people.

Social distancing rules would still need to be followed.

But this is an option on the table.

If passed, businesses could operate on sidewalks and parking spaces for up to 90 days.