KC Council approves measure allowing sales tax holiday on energy efficient appliances


KANSAS CITY, Mo. — After notifications and discussions about conserving energy happening during the past week, here’s a deal you might want to be aware of.

On Thursday, the Kansas City Council voted to take part in this year’s sale tax holiday for evergy-saving appliances. The official name for the opt-in state program is the “Show-Me Green Sales Tax Holiday.”

For participating municipalities the sales tax holiday applies on new Energy Star-certified appliances — up to $1,500 per appliance. The deal is scheduled to happen from April 19-25.

“I think they don’t realize how much power they use until they use it or until a situation like this happens,” said Tim Lightenberg, assistant manager at the Raytown Sutherlands.

Typically, Jackson County has also participated in the sales tax holiday.

Lightenberg said due to recent rolling blackouts, energy conservation might be on people’s minds even if more efficient appliances are more expensive to purchase.

“It takes time to make up, but if you have every appliance saving money, a little bit here and there, and everybody saved a little bit, you know, you could save a tremendous amount of energy,” Lightenberg said.

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