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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The Kansas City Council is debating permanent housing for the city’s homeless.

The city has a plan to spend $700,000 to support those who’ve been living on the streets.

The Kansas City Homesteading Authority would have the task of rehabbing and renovating blighted houses, which would then become permanent homes for some of the city’s growing homeless population.

That $700,000 would be spent from the city’s Housing Trust Fund.

The fund was established in 2018 to support affordable housing, but it never had money to spend until Kansas City received $12.5 million in federal COVID-19 relief money. At least 10% of the fund is supposed to be spent on supportive housing for the homeless.

The city council also may ask the city manager to devise a plan to develop shelter homes built out of wood pallets on the city’s municipal farm, near the Eastwood Hills neighborhood, as part of a test project.