KANSAS CITY, Mo. — On the day we celebrate civil rights leader and trailblazer Martin Luther King Jr., a Kansas City councilwoman is introducing a new plan to move all of Kansas City forward.

Why now? She says today should be about action

For 3rd District Councilwoman Melissa Robinson, the work started months ago.

Today is the day she wants the city to know — that the old ways must give to a new idea of moving this city forward together.

“Instead of retweeting quotes and talking about his life and legacy we decided to pull together a concrete economic mobility, economic development plan,” Robinson said.

Robinson said the days of just talking are long gone.

“Not just be about rhetoric and we not just think about values and kindness and love and justice – all of those things are important but people have real needs today,” she said.

The seven-part plan includes things like using the city land bank to put people in homes and partnering with local trade groups, companies and schools to make sure students have a variety of career paths after high school.

The goal, create a level economic playing field.

“It’s very important because we are what makes the communities and if you forget about those you forget about the people that’s here,” said Derrick Ivy who lives in Kansas City Missouri.

“I’m not going to lie I feel like it is a little to late but it’s not late enough – you know what I’m saying we still got time for improvement,” echoed Amya Caldwell who also lives in Kansas City Missouri.

That work already starting here, turning eyesores into development.

“Hallelujah – Hallelujah that is the first that comes to mind because I do have hope I do have joy and I do have faith, have faith that we can and will do the right thing,” Robinson said.

Robinson says to the detractors who say these are just words, that’s not the case in fact starting this week they will begin introducing new ordinances, in total the plan will encompass between 25-30 if not more.

Click here to read the full plan.