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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A night filled with celebration quickly turned into a real-life nightmare for one Kansas City couple. Six weeks after the traumatic encounter, they are sharing their story.

The Kansas City Chiefs had just won the Super Bowl, and the city was on top of the world. That is until that couple came mere inches from being shot. 

“This is a serious thing and I’m lucky that I’m even sitting here talking to you about it because I mean I was an inch away—he was an inch away—from being shot in the head” Morgan Payne, the victim said.

Payne and Dan Hager were doing what many across Kansas City were doing, cheering on the Chiefs.

After the game was over, both left to head home, and that’s when chaos struck.

“It literally sounded like a video game. It was like, ‘pew, pew, pew!’ And I just remember looking over at Danny, and he had this look of terror,” Payne said

“I just hear the back mirror break, and then she started ducking down,” another person said.

They had no time to think, and they had one goal in their minds: Get home quickly but get there alive.

“I didn’t know if she was shot, I didn’t know anything,” one Kansas State fan said.

“Our lives could have been gone like that,” one woman said.

The shooting started as they were leaving a bar near the intersection of 18th Street and Prospect Avenue. Payne and Hager say there were more than five bullets found in their car.

Thankfully, both were not wounded.

But it is the trauma after the event that still affects them the most. Loud noises when they drive or even just a bang sound when they’re home startles the couple, still scarred from the moments that almost took their lives.

“For both of us to come out that unwounded, I don’t know how,” Hager said.

“You don’t ever expect that to happen to you until it does,” Payne said.  

FOX4 reached out to the Kansas City, Missouri Police Department, and we were told we would have an update on the investigation by Monday.