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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Anyone who has moved understands how stressful it can be to find a moving company.

Tanessa Kenny and her husband, Evan Pilkington were in that boat this past May before they settled on a company.

“They had excellent reviews; the website seemed really professional. You know, all that,” said Kenny.

That company contracted out a separate company to haul their belongings to Seattle.

FOX4 is not naming either company at this time as we work to learn more about both of them.

The couple says when the moving truck came, there were red flags.

“Two men in a rented Enterprise truck showed up, which we thought was odd,” said Kenny.

The couple says they were initially quoted about $2,300 by the first company, but the moving company quoted another $3,000.

According to Kenny, they were left with two options:

“You can give us $1,000 now, and we’ll load like, drop everything off right here on the driveway and cancel this, or you can give me $1,500. And I will go ahead and take your stuff to the storage facility,” she said.

The couple agreed to pay the $1,500 via Venmo to have their stuff hauled to a storage facility.

“The owner of the moving company, refused to give it he told us that he’s not giving us the location until we pay,” said Kenny.

Since this incident, the couples say they have written and called to cancel the agreement, even putting in complaints.

“We have filed complaints with the Missouri Attorney General Office, Georgia (Attorney General’s Officer), FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation), BBB (Better Business Bureau), FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration). I mean, everybody, we have spoken to lawyers and private investigators. And lawyers have essentially told us that because this is such an unregulated industry that there’s nothing they can do,” said Kenny.

In a note back from the Missouri Attorney General’s Office, it says the moving company still had not responded to their inquiries and they would be sending the moving company a follow-up letter.

FOX4 reached out to the first company, the moving broker, about its practices and we are still awaiting a response.

We also contacted the second company, but there was no one available to take our call.

According to BBB, if an alleged moving company is asking you to pay additional fees to get your stuff back, you may be victim to a moving scam.

“I think we were too trusting. We trusted that these people were going to actually help us and cared about you know, their customers they can do,” said Kenny.

She says for now, she is going to remain persistent in trying to get back her sentimental items.

“We have important documents in there, our passports are in there. We just got married, right before this happened, all of our wedding stuff. And then I’m also like a recently separated vet, I spent nine years in the Army. I have very important memorabilia there that can’t be replaced,” said Kenny.