KC couple surprises family with wedding at Kauffman Stadium

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February 07 2021 05:30 pm
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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — It’s a surprise royal wedding, but it’s not what you think.

A Kansas City couple shocked their family at their tailgate gender reveal at the K by getting married.

David and Maggie Scott got their family together to throw them quite a curveball. The couple tailgated with friends and family when Nancy Kerr with KC Weddings To Go pulled up in a big pink van, and said, “Anybody want to get married?”

The couple told their family they may as well get married, too.

“While you guys are here, we all love you, and you all are very special people,” David Scott said. “Thank you for being at our reveal, and we’re going to get married, too.”

They got married right there on the spot. The couple said their I do’s and then were ready to find out the gender of their twins.

Two baseballs filled with powder exploded when Scott hit them with a bat revealing they are having a boy and a girl.

Kerr was happy to help.

“It was perfect,” David said. “Everyone looked like they were happy and surprised, and it was just how we wanted it to be.”

“We have always been thinking about it in our gender reveal, so we just threw that in too,” Maggie said. “We wanted to have a gender reveal that no one would forget.”

David’s mother, Cindy Bahmler, was taken aback by the announcement and was beside herself with happiness. Not only was she getting a grandson and a granddaughter — she got a daughter in law as well.

“I thought the mascot was going to show up,” Bahmler. “David said there was a surprise at 11, and I thought it was the mascot. My husband went to get chips, so he missed the entire thing.”

The couple said saying their vows at Kauffman was the perfect place.

“We love the Royals stadium,” Maggie said. “This is our place. We love baseball. We both grew up going to baseball games. My family is very into baseball. His is too, so it’s just our go to place.”

All of their family felt the surprise hit it out of the park. Maggie is expected to give birth to their twins in August.



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