KC Crime Commission Squaring Off Against “White Rights” Group Over Flier

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The metro organization behind the TIPS Hotline have sent a cease-and-desist letter to a St. Louis-based self-proclaimed “white rights” group, claiming that the group lifted material from a Kansas City Crime Commission publication.

Officials with the Kansas City Crime Commission, the Council of Conservative Citizens inappropriately used the material in their newsletter, “The Citizen Informer.”

According to the commission, officials found copies of the newsletter being distributed in Kansas City with a one-page flier which used material from a Crime Commission publication.

In their letter, the Crime Commission says that the use of their material by the Council of Conservative Citizens, “erroneously leads the reader to conclude that the Crime Commission and your organization share the same views.”

The Council of Conservative Citizens, which bills itself as the only nationwide activist group that sticks up for the rights of white people, publishes the Citizen Informer.

Among the articles in the latest issue is an editorial accusing the Tea Party of wasting their time trying to recruit black people, and an article on the latest claim that President Barack Obama was born outside of the United States.

The Kansas City Crime Commission operates the TIPS Hotline, which gathers anonymous crime tips and passes them on to authorities.



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