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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — DeAnthony Davis is an ex-con, but that’s not the way his story ends.

“I made some decisions that I shouldn’t have some years back, but I learned from them,” Davis said.

He spent four years in prison for a non-violent crime. Shortly after he was released, he told FOX4 he was in a bad car crash.

“I almost died. I spent a year in rehab,” he explained. “Shortly after that I really feel like I found my purpose.”

Davis put his faith in God and his story on paper.

“I started writing music; everything I been through I put in a song,” he said.

Just recently Davis auditioned at a music competition and was chosen to perform at the BET Hip Hop Awards.

“I couldn’t believe it,” he laughed. “I was nervous at first but they had plans for me — God has plans for me,” he said.

Davis will perform on the same stage as artists like Bruno Mars, Drake, Cardi B and Travis Scott. Davis will fly to Atlanta to perform on October 4.

“The winner takes home $15,000 and leaves with a $100,000 record deal,” he said.

And his song? It`s called “My Purpose,” and it reveals his pain and highlights his survival, an ex con now living a life he said he’s proud of.