KC family living without heat receives overwhelming support from good Samaritans

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — All around the metro, dozens of people with huge hearts are helping a Kansas City and her seven children, making sure they’re finally safe and warm.

“It’s so wonderful what people are doing. I’m so grateful. This is all so overwhelming, but in a very good way,” Jessica Harvey said Tuesday.

On Monday, FOX4 shared how all winter the KC mom, her husband and their seven children, ages 5 to 11, have been living in a cold home — no heat, no hot water and no help from their landlord.

The family of nine bundled up in coats and a lot of layers and huddled around a space heater to keep warm each night.

However, Tuesday was a brighter day for the weary mom and her family.

“So many people saw the story on FOX4, and early this morning people just started knocking on my door and reaching out to me on Facebook. Some wanted to bring us blankets. Others food, and one lady said she could help us get into a new home,” a jubilant Jessica Harvey said.

There were bundles of blessings from good Samaritans who are now helping the Harveys in many ways.

A Clinton woman, who didn’t want any recognition, put the family up in a hotel for the next week.

When asked if this felt like Christmas a few weeks late, Harvey said it really does.

“Especially for my kids. I know they’re very, very excited,” she said.

They’re excited to be out of their cold home and in a warm, clean place where the kids can once again watch cartoons, have fun and bathe.

“I did’t tell them right off the bat that we were coming to the hotel, but once we got here, they were jumping up and down, just so excited,” Harvey said.

But that wasn’t all.

The owner and staff at Peachtree Buffet heard about the Harveys’ gas being shut off, the parents falling behind on their bills and struggling this winter. On Tuesday, the restaurant donated several pans of hot food to the family.

“After seeing the story, it was just heartbreaking. By doing our part, you know, that’s what it’s all about. Just giving back and making sure we’re looking our for our people,” Peachtree employee Derrick Wilmore said.

Renters Warehouse, the company that owns the Harvey’s home, told FOX4 they were unaware of the family’s safety issues and that the family was living in the cold.

On Tuesday, the company paid the family’s $530 past-due gas bill. Now, the gas should be back on at the family’s home on Wednesday.

Maintenance workers also fixed a leaking pipe under the family’s kitchen sink and changed the locks. Workers will be at the family’s home fixing repairs throughout the week.

“Our policy is to respond and fix all maintenance requests as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, the tenants did not make us aware of any safety or heating issues. However, we do not want any family to feel unsafe in their home. We care about our tenants,” Kevin Ortner said, president and CEO of Renters Warehouse, which is based in Minneapolis.

“Yeah, Renters also says it wants to put us up in a hotel after we leave this one, so that’s also pretty nice. I’m just so grateful to all of the good Samaritans whether they prayed for us, offered us food, blankets, clothing, or if they want to fix something at our home. I want to thank you guys and say lots of blessings to you all,” Harvey said.

A  Go Fund Me page is set up to assist the Harvey family. If you’d like to donate, click/tap here.

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