KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The Inter City Fire Protection District chief rushed to save a shooting victim, initially unaware the life he was trying to save was his son.

For 33 years, Jeff Jewell has been a public servant. First as a police officer for 33 years and the last two decades as the chief at the Inter City Fire Protection District.

“It’s just good. It’s something that I want to do to, help people,” Jewell said.

He never imagined he’d be thrust into a situation where his own son’s life was in his hands.

“Not in a million years would you think you’re going to work on your own child,” he said.

On that fateful February winter day, that’s exactly what was about to happen.

Someone shot Zachary Jewell, a veteran and first responder himself. He was brought to the fire station for help.

“The door, the Ring doorbell went off again, and that’s when we heard the suspect tell us she had just shot my son,” Jewell said.

Jewell jumped into action, something he’s done hundreds of times. Except for this time, the stakes were a lot higher. He was trying to save his own son’s life.

“We went out there and started the process of trying to get him out of the truck and give him CPR,” Jewell said.

Zachary would later die from his injuries. Sarah Devera was arrested the next day. She pleaded guilty to one count of voluntary manslaughter and was sentenced to 15 years in prison.

“It didn’t help at all. I mean everyone loses on this, her family loses. Nothing is going to bring my son back, and now I’m raising a 5-year-old. So yeah, nobody wins,” Jewell said.

The chief said his son made those around him smile always, and he misses him every single day.