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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — It’s officially 2023 and some are already working on their New Year’s resolutions, but sticking to them long-term can be difficult.

The CEO and founder of StratFit Digital, Daniel McKee is making it easier and more efficient for trainers and clients who are looking to grow in the gym.

“Decide your purpose, set timely goals on that purpose, find the right coach whose helped someone with that purpose before,” McKee said. “Get your strategy with the coach, and just stick to it.”

StratFit stands for strategic fitness and uses science to help coaches strategize the best workout plan for clients, their specific goals, and to keep them on track all year long.

The app will help coaches track metrics like rep range, how much weight a client has lifted, and how their body reacts after the workouts.

McKee knows starting a fitness journey can be intimidating, especially if you’re just starting out, but says consistency will always pay off.

“Just push through. Just stay determined through that initial few weeks, it could be even shorter than that,” McKee said. “But once you see those gains, you’re going to have that motivation, just know that that’s coming and stick through it.”

Stratfit Digital is designed for trainers to create plans for all skill levels and encourages anyone looking to make some changes in 2023 to start small and trust the process.

“Once the conditioning sets in, everyone loves it, so I think it’s always just getting through that first phrase,” McKee said.