KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A federal judge sentenced the owner of a Kansas City gun store to more than two years in prison.

Charles Lee Weston, 37, of Kansas City, Mo., pleaded guilty to illegally possessing a machine gun in February 2022.

Weston formerly owned Drum Magazines, LLC near East U.S. 40 Highway and Sterling Avenue in Kansas City.

Court documents show special agent with the ATF found a website Weston used to sell components used to quickly convert firearms into machine guns. The website marketed the items as cell phone holders.

The documents show an undercover agent bought a set of the components online and then visited Drum Magazines in August 2021.

The undercover agent asked Weston if he had any “cell phone holders.” Court documents show Weston gave the undercover agent two swift link auto sears.

The agent asked Weston specific questions about using the devices to convert guns to quickly convert semi-automatic AR-type rifles to fully automatic.

“Every caliber. It’s more of a trigger setup. As long as your mil-spec trigger. But ya, it’ll work. You got me answering questions correctly,” Weston said according to the sentencing documents.

“The proper answer would be ‘Whatever phone you got, sir.’” Weston again laughed and then stated, “You the first one that got me to answer the question like that. I’m tired.” Weston said according to court documents.

When agents executed warrants at Weston’s home and business, court documents show they found instructions and supplies that can be used to 3D print the devices he was selling.

Officers arrested Weston later that month.

As part of Weston’s plea deal, he will serve two years and eight months in federal prison without parole. He also surrendered his federal firearms license.