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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The city council approved a plan to turn a former hotel into a center to help the homeless find permanent places to live. The plan will use $400,000 to convert the former Days Inn near Quincy Avenue and Linwood Boulevard into a center complete with social workers, health care, housing assistance, and transitional housing units.

The city’s Housing and Community Development Department said the idea is to help the houseless transition into permanent housing while providing necessary resources to make the transition successful.

The center will eventually be operated by Lotus House Care, a nonprofit that supports holistic ways to end homeless in Kansas City. It will have 39 rooms with a special focus on single women, those needing medical attention, those age 55 and older, and LGBTQ+ individuals, according to city leaders.

“The Housing Navigation Center is a more permanent housing-focused alternative to emergency shelter,” said Jennifer Tidwell, interim director of the city’s Housing and Community Development Department. “Through a collaboration with several partner service providers, the program focuses on providing houseless individuals with a short term stay and providing skill development and resource connection targeted at resolving their homelessness.”

Nearly a dozen other organizations are working to help with the initiative. They include Swope Health, Salvation Army, Veterans Administration, Care Beyond the Boulevard, and others.

This is just one of several steps Kansas City is taking to help eradicate homelessness. The city is also working on a plan to convert nearly 3,000 Land Bank properties into affordable housing, developing a plan to create 10,000 new affordable housing units by 2027, and helping with emergency rental assistance payments.