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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — On Tuesday a 36-year-old fast-food worker flew to Washington, D.C., and on Wednesday Terrance Wise met President Barack Obama.

“Man, it was so awesome. I had a great time meeting the president,” said Wise with a smile.

“He shook my hand, we took pictures and I even met with him in private. It was just an awesome feeling to see that the president was standing with low wage workers and really had our backs and lifting all workers’ voices” Wise continued.

Mr. Obama hosted his first “Worker Voice” summit, and turned the spotlight on the growing wage gap among low pay and wealthy Americans.

Wise, a father of three, currently makes $8 an hour working at a Kansas City McDonald’s and Burger King.

“I had a chance to tell Mr. Obama how there are times I struggle and I can barely feed my three daughters. It hurt me to tell him that, but I do believe he felt bad for me as well. He really showed sincere concern, and I appreciated that, ” said Wise during an interview Thursday with FOX 4’s Robert Townsend.

For Wise, who has worked in the fast-food industry for more than 20 years, the presidential platform was also a chance to voice “his” concerns about unions, labor issues and fighting to get more money for low pay workers in the Metro and around the nation.

“It was a good meeting. We had a lot of break out sessions, good conversation about all of the issues we consider important as we fight to get a $15 an hour wage for many people like me. We need the money to raise our families. I think the President got the message. I definitely think it was worth it. It was history in the making!” said Wise with a glow in his eye.