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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A man in Kansas City’s Historic Northeast said his wheelchair was stolen and now his friend is asking the community for help.

Samuel Cole, 37, lost his leg around a year ago when he was shot in the leg by a friend. Since then his whole world changed and a new friend, Paul Anderson, is trying to help him get the resources he needs.

A walker is meant to support and balance someone on their feet. However, Cole only has one foot. This is how he gets around but he says it’s painful and difficult.

“It wears me out because I can’t really carry it up the stairs,” Cole said. “When I got out of the hospital some people vandalized my home, so I lost my house. I’ve just been a victim of circumstances on the streets since.”

Last week, Cole left his electric wheelchair near 45th Street & Lister Avenue to run an errand with a friend in their car.

“When I came back my wheelchair was gone,” Cole said.

Paul Anderson said he met Cole as he was walking down his street in the Indian Mound neighborhood of the Historic Northeast.

“I got to talking to him and long story short he spent a couple nights on our couch and fed him. We heard his story and it’s just crazy we live in America, and we still have these kinds of things going on,” Anderson said.

“He lets me shower. Let’s me change my bandages. He feeds me,” Cole said.

Anderson said watching Cole use a walker to get around hurts him.

“It kills me because he has to hop. I have him staying on the third story and he won’t let me carry him or help him. He’s got pride. It kills me and it’s just unnecessary,” Anderson said.

He’s been working to find him a wheelchair and resources for a solid place to live. Anderson says he put Cole’s story on Nextdoor hoping to find someone to donate a wheelchair but several offers have fallen through.

“I can’t do much for him from my situation but anything that could help him it would make my world. Make my day. Make my year just to see him have another opportunity in life,” Anderson said.

“God bless you. If you could help me God bless you,” Cole said.

If you can help Cole you can reach him through Anderson via email at:

They are looking for an electric wheelchair or any wheelchair they can get. He is also hoping someone hears Cole’s story and can help find him stable housing and resources.