KC Mavericks to honor many unsung heroes on Front Line Workers Night


INDEPENDENCE, Mo. — The Kansas City Mavericks will honor frontline workers Saturday. 

When you think of frontline workers, you probably think of doctors, nurses, police, firefighters and paramedics. They’re all going to be honored, but so are some in professions who don’t all often get the same level of recognition. 

Most patients at Centerpoint Medical Center will never see Gamaliel Felix.

“We show up and we tackle things just like any other day, one problem at a time,” the operations engineer said.

He’s been there almost every day during the pandemic, making sure the boilers kept running during record cold, checking pressure to isolation rooms and servicing and maintaining lifesaving equipment for patients. 

“I don’t save lives, but I help support and maintain the things around for the people that do,” Felix said. 

That’s why the Kansas City Mavericks have named him one of 20 heroes they’ll invite on the ice during intermission of Saturday’s game vs. Tulsa at 7:05 p.m. to be honored.  

“We feel it’s the least we can do to thank our community members who go out each and every day to keep our community safe and put their lives on the line,” said Lydia Taylor, Mavericks community relations manager.

Each player will wear a profession of a frontline worker on their jersey of their choosing. 

For defenseman Connor Doherty, it will be his mom’s job: a teacher. But there will be plenty of unsung heroes, including bus and delivery drivers and food service workers. 

“Some people that you might not even think of, whether it’s waste management guys being out there to get your trash. They are putting themselves at risk to help keep the world going around,” Doherty said.

“That’s a great awesome thing to be recognized. You don’t think you are out there being a first responder when you are at times,” Felix said. 

More information about Mavericks honorees during Front Line Workers Night can be found here



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