KC Mayor Lucas says contracting practices are fair in response to DOJ investigation

Picture of Quinton Lucas

Picture of Quinton Lucas

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Mayor Lucas has responded to a federal investigation into city contracting, maintaining that Kansas City’s practices are fair and don’t break the law.

The Department of Justice said in a news release on Dec. 9 that investigators were looking into KC’s Affirmative Action programs with public contracts. The statement alleged that city has used quota-based “set asides” to favor certain people because of their sex and race and disfavor others.

Lucas said that the programs are in response to historic racist practices and legally practiced.

“Our Affirmative Action programs are based on extensive study, case law, and fairness,” Lucas said in a thread of tweets the morning of Dec. 10. “The fact remains that for decades in Kansas City, small businesses owned by minorities and women received significantly fewer contracts and contract dollars than would be expected given their availability in the geographic market from which the City procures.”

The DOJ did not give specifics, but it stated that “All government in this free country must treat all persons with equal dignity and respect and without dividing people into racial and ethnic blocs…” FOX4 has reached out to the department for clarification.

“We will continue to implement a remedial program to address the historic legacy and ongoing impact of discrimination against small businesses owned by minorities and women seeking to participate in the City’s procurement and contracting processes,” Lucas tweeted.



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