KC mayor says Operation LeGend should focus on finding violent criminals, not political issues

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Mayor Quinton Lucas wants to make it clear what Operation: LeGend is about as well as what shouldn’t be happening in Kansas City.

The mayor wants to make sure that everyone involved in the initiative is focused on finding the people who killed LeGend, as well as hundreds of other victims’ killers.

He wants to make sure that the agents are helping Kansas City police do that — and not focusing on other issues. The mayor also doesn’t want to make fighting crime a political issue.

“He tried to link Black Lives Matter to increase in violent crime, I don’t believe that. Lord knows there’s no data to support it in Kansas City,” Lucas said of President Donald Trump’s address earlier, expanding Operation LeGend to other states. “We’ve had an increase in crime since the beginning of the year, and to suggest otherwise is not just to dog whistle, but to dog bark.”

Attorney General William Barr said on Wednesday that 200 arrests have been made since federal agents arrived in town.

Lucas said he knows of one arrest tied to Operation Legend and isn’t sure where the other 199 arrests came from.

“I want federal help that solves these unclear murders. I want federal help that’s helping our police officers get to the bottom of any number of long term criminal schemes incidents,” Lucas said. “What we don’t want is 200 arrests that we don’t know about. That’s just adding more people into jail.”

Missouri Gov. Mike Parson called a special session to address violent crime in Kansas City — as well as in other areas of the state. That begins on Monday.

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