KANSAS CITY, Mo. – We’re learning what a pedestrian mall inside Country Club Plaza might look like.

It’s an idea Kansas City Mayor Quinton Lucas said in a tweet Thursday should be discussed.

In June, Shake Shack said it would start closing at 5 p.m. on weekends because of incidents involving too much rowdiness nearby. We’ve also seen stores like Starbucks, Nike and Victoria Secret leave.

“We’ve talked about that a lot its kind of insane how bad the plaza has gotten in the past months,” Marissa Ward said.

Though other businesses like Ward’s gym have come in their place.

“People get in accidents all the time and even driving down here to the gym I go to, Chiefs Fit, it’s just crazy people walking across the street all the time, not paying attention at all,” Ward said.

Lucas saw a different Plaza at Plaza Art Fair last fall and wondered why it couldn’t look more like that all the time? With central streets like Nichols filled with people instead of cars and shoppers doing their best to dodge them.

“Plus if you want to cross then cross again, it’s such a long wait for the walk sign,” Amanda Pierce said.

The tweet shows a rendering from Urban Lab KC of a pedestrian-friendly car-free central Plaza area. He added studies show walking spaces increase sales and reduce crime.

“Then if it’s more family friendly my mom would probably let me and my friends come down more,” Anna Box said.

Responses online and among shoppers at the Plaza seem supportive, though there was one common question we heard. If they take away the traditional roads and street parking, where will people park?

“I think it would be a great idea if they could figure out how to maneuver the cars outside of the Plaza and figure out what they can do with the garage infrastructure already built into the center of the Plaza,” Taran Canady said.

The idea would likely need the support of Country Club Plaza itself and its stores before anything moved forward. FOX4 asked and a media relations representative for the Plaza said the Plaza was not be commenting at this time.